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About us

Ten years experience

Shanghai Evowe Industrial Co., Ltd. was first established, it is committed to the development and production of high-quality eco-resin, with the international advanced eco-resin plate production line equipment, is currently one of the most advanced manufacturer.

The best raw material

Since its inception, the company has experienced R & D team, production equipment, and high-quality raw materials for production. It has been continuously engaged in the research and development and production of safer and greener green products – eco-resin.

Strict production processes

Shanghai Evowe Industrial Co., Ltd. eco-resin plate products through five strict production processes, the deformation of plastic materials will be very good to eliminate or reduce the stress between molecules (molecular stress is the leading plastic material deformation is the most important the reason).

Our offer

Shanghai Evowe Industrial Co., Ltd., is the advanced technology, quality assurance, with a certain scale, Main: eco-resin version, resin plate, eco-translucent panels, translucent resin panels, resin decorative panel manufacturers.

Our promise

Senior R & D team, production equipment, high-quality raw materials, continued to engage in safer, more environmentally friendly green product development, production – eco-resin.

Our service

With our extensive customer service consultancy network in Shanghai and our many overseas sales partners, we are able to provide you with personal online advice.

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